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Fire Escape

The Online Window Shop makes the process of choosing a fire escape window easy, the windows styles are clearly highlighted with which windows are fire escape and which windows can be a fire escape.

To meet the requirements of Building Regulations Approved Document 'B' 2000, there must be escape routes from habitable rooms in many situations. A minimum clear opening of 450mm in width or height must be achieved with clear opening greater than 0.33m².

Standard windows are hung on butt hinges and have non locking fasteners and stays fitted as standard.

Security windows are hung on egress easyclean hinges with non locking handles fitted as standard.

Narrow module fire escape windows 910mm and above can achieve fire escape. These windows are fitted with flying mullions as standard.

Note: The cill height of fire escape windows must be between 800mm and 1100mm from finished floor level. Please always check with your architect which windows need to be fire escape and any other criteria the windows may need to meet.